Investment Strategy

Poalim Hudson Clean Energy, a partnership between Hudson Clean Energy Partners (“Hudson”) and Poalim Capital Markets as well as other leading investors, is part of a $1 billion+ renewable energy fund formed to capitalize on the global growth in renewable energy generation and production. The fund invests in mature, clean generation and renewable energy companies and infrastructure assets, typically taking control or sharing control in asset-intensive businesses with leverageable business models and a clear path towards cost competitiveness with conventional energy.
Hudson, through Hudson Clean Energy Partners, L.P. (“Fund I”) has pursued a highly differentiated investment strategy, predicated on capturing and building franchise value while limiting downside exposure. Targeting gross returns of a 30% IRR and 3x multiple of invested capital, Fund I’s investment strategy is focused only on compelling – but risk-mitigated – growth opportunities.
Hudson expects to transact within a global economy in the process of a trillion dollar shift in its energy mix. Given the global struggles to control fuel resources and a growing concern about the true environmental costs of traditional energy generation, there is a movement away from fossil fuels and towards clean and renewable sources. Capital requirements for the emerging clean energy industry have led to significant new capital investment opportunities for private equity. The complexities surrounding clean energy regulation, market access, technology, finance, commodity risk management and taxation require a sophisticated understanding of these attributes and how their interaction impacts investments in the sector. The background, experience and track record of the Firm’s Partners qualify Hudson to recognize, manage and capitalize on these changes and opportunities.