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Holmes Place
Holmes Place Israel operating 22 health and fitness centers acquired Future Wave Fitness which operates under the Go Active brand 11 clubs. The merger of both creates the leading Israeli health and fitness group.
RB-DOORS (Rav-Bariach (08) Industries Ltd) was founded in Israel in 1973. For 40 years,  Rav-Bariach has specialized in the development and manufacturing of superior High Security products for the protection of property and life, making Rav-Bariach an international leader in the manufacturing and marketing of steel security doors and locks for every need, worldwide.
Via is re-engineering public transit- from a regulated system of rigid routes and schedules to a fully dynamic, on-demand network. Targeting the gap between outdated public transit and expensive luxury car services. The Via algorithm dynamically match passengers with available seats instead of entire vehicles, creating a highly affordable, convenient, and premium bus service, while keeping trip durations similar to a private taxi.
Menivim is an investment fund in the customary Reit formation for income producing properties in Israel. The fund's initial fund raising lead by Poalim Capital Markets amounted to 267 NIS m for the purpose of acquiring income producing properties at the amount of NIS 500 m. In accordance with the funds policy, the investments are made in properties in the Office Space, Industry and Logistics verticals.
Celeno is the leading provider of smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions. Its high performance Wi-Fi chips and industry-first software technology address the ever-changing demands of a burgeoning wireless lifestyle. Founded in 2005, Celeno’s field-proven chips have been successfully integrated into numerous OEM Wi-Fi devices and have been deployed in tens of millions of homes around the world by over 75 leading service providers worldwide.
.ThetaRay is a promising cyber-security company that traces its beginnings to the JVP Cyber Labs incubator, having developed a unique solution for the protection of critical infrastructure.
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