Investment Strategy

Poalim Medica III, a $125 million dedicated healthcare and life sciences fund, is a partnership between Medica Venture Partners and Poalim Capital Markets. The funds boast a successful track record and a long-term, supportive investor base in Medical Equipment and Life Sciences investment opportunities.

Poalim Medica Investment Strategy is focused on the healthcare sector with an emphases on medical device, biopharmaceutical and healthcare IT opportunities. The fund targets:

• 12-15 investments over a 3 to 4-year initial period

• $8 million average investment per company

• Concentration on early stage breakthrough products targeting large healthcare markets

• Companies with markets that are attractive for physicians, vendors, US VCs

• Maximizing the expertise of the Medica team for the benefit of portfolio companies

• Diversification in target markets, products, development stages, business models, exit horizons

• Clear liquidity objectives; low dependency on IPO market

• Favored sectors include orthopedics, cancer, cardiovascular, neurology, infectious diseases and metabolic diseases

• Building companies with strong R&D in Israelthat have potential to enter US markets

• Capitalizing on Israel’s strength as a unique innovation source and low cost initial development environment