Bank Hapoalim and Poalim Capital Markets investment platform for promising companies in the financial technology sector


The Fintech Initiative is a unique strategic corporate venture capital platform, targeting promising financial technology startups that will collaborate with various divisions of Bank Hapoalim.


The goals of the initiative include advancing innovation in the financial services sector; developing cutting edge products and services for Bank Hapoalim’s customer base; and supporting the growth of the Israeli Fintech industry.


Early stage FinTech companies are assessed for fit and potential to advance Bank Hapoalim Group's core businesses.


Bank Hapoalim group offers prospective companies a design partner relationship that allows them to test and develop their products with the support of a leading financial services group.


Poalim Capital Markets, in collaboration with other Venture Capital funds will assess a potential financial investment for leading companies that have formed a working partnership with Bank Hapoalim.


The Fintech initiative is led by Bank Hapoalim's Information Technology Division, the Office of Strategic Management at Bank Hapoalim andPoalim Capital Markets.